Pet Grooming Asheville NC

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We provide complete professional pet grooming services for dogs and cats.

Top Dog kennel is the premier provider of pet grooming in the Asheville Buncombe county area. Top dog kennel is located only about 15 minutes from downtown Asheville in a beautiful wooded area of Swannanoa NC, and in this serene environment your pets can be pampered while receiving a complete pet grooming.

You want your pet to have that healthy glow about them and for them to have that you know they need coat maintenance. But we all know it is not just the looks that matter but comfort of your pet is key to both you and your furry companion. For your pet to feel conformable in their own skin they need to have the dead hair removed from their coat. At Top dog we know the perfect technique and the right brushes to use to give your dog or cat the ideal healthy and vibrant coat. Top Dog Kennel provides hand stripping for your special furry friend – hand stripping that keeps that coat healthy.

Especially during the summer your shaggy haired dog will want to have their hair clipped so that the heat will be much more tolerable and comfortable. But at the same time you don’t want your fluffy friend to have streaks or look like they are not up with the current trends of dog style. We will make sure to give your four legged member of your family they styling they deserve while liberating them from the heavy coat that would make summer uncomfortable.

For some people this may seem like a basic concept but we feel like it should be stated. Your dog should enjoy getting bathed. We have the technique to give your dog the best experience while getting all cleaned up and moisturized. As far as dog bathing in Asheville goes we will provide your dog with the best experience. The real reason to choose Top Dog Kennel in Swannanoa is because we care about your pets experience in every thing that we do.


Our Pet Grooming Services:

• Coat Maintenance
• Clipping
• Combing
• Brushing
• Bathing
• Nail Trimming
• Eye & Ear Maintenance
• Styling
• Pedicures
• Skin Care
• Moisturizing Treatments

As always we treat your pet with tender loving care every step of the way.

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