Top Dog of the Week- Meya

The staff here at Top Dog are pleased to announce Meya as the winner of the Top Dog of the Week award! Meya is a wonderful Great Dane and never fails to come in a positive mood. Have you always wanted a Great Dane for your home? Here are some facts and tidbits on the Great Dane breed.

Meya, Top Dog of the Week!

Meya, Top Dog of the Week!

Although many believe the Dane to be of Danish decent, the breed was actually developed by the Germans towards the end of the 19th century. They are a large dog, but not overtly full or heavy in the legs. Since they are an intelligent breed, they make excellent watchdogs and companions for all types of households. Be warned though, because of the size it is strongly suggested to own a moderate to large home with a yard to match. They shed an average amount, no more or less than the normal dog and do not require any special treatment when it comes to grooming. Due to the size though you may be paying a little extra! The Great Dane is slowly finding more popularity over in United State homes and as the trend continues we hope to be able to see more here with us at Top Dog.

Thanks for reading! As always we strive to give your pet the utmost care and respect during their visit at Top Dog and be sure to ask how your pet can be next weeks Top Dog of the Week!

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