The Winner of Week 02 of March's Top Dog of the Week award goes to Tessa the Havanese!

Top Dog of the Week (March W02)- Tessa

This weeks TDOW award goes to a dog that is very special to us, Tessa the Havanese. Tessa has been nothing short of spectacular during her stay here at Top Dog. A very loving and soulful dog, Tessa definitely brought some light to us during the stormy days we had last week! Here is a little tidbit on the Havanese breed.

Tessa the Havanese!

Top Dog of the Week for March W02! Tessa the Havanese!

The Havanese that we know today became popular in the United States after the Cuban revolution, which ended in 1959. The breed was always a top pick among the wealthy citizens of Cuba, and although many believe the Havanese originated in Cuba (Havana..Havanese..get it?) the breed may actually be from the island of Malta, an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea.

A breed member of the Bichon family, a Havanese is small in size with a very loving temperament. These dogs make great pets for households with kids and they can do exceptionally well with other animals you may have living with you already. The Havanese are a generally healthy breed with no notable issues at birth and their life span is average in comparison to other dogs of their size (generally around 12-14 years, that being a healthy dog). Be warned though, as over time their coats are subject to stain and it is suggested to get your Havanese groomed periodically. If you have a Havanese and do not know a quality place that grooms, our very own Nick Frost has years of experience in grooming with an expert touch on special breeds.

This wraps up this weeks Top Dog of the Week! Be sure to ask at checkout how YOUR dog can be the winner of next weeks award!Also, be sure to check out our other articles on the blog! Your support means the world to us, and it is how we continue to be the leader in animal hospitality in the Asheville area.

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