Pet Boarding- Exercise and Diet with Your Pet

Here we have Barbosa, Barney, Jefferson and Tammy enjoying a pleasant afternoon play session before the winter season arrives! When pet boarding here at Top Dog Kennel we encourage our animals to stretch their legs and get the blood pumping everyday to ensure we are keeping all our dogs nothing but happy and healthy!

When pet boarding, it is vital that your pet gets fresh air and stays on a schedule where he/she gets to work off the boredom and frustrations of being away from home. Exercise promotes healthy functioning of your dogs metabolism and is a good natural way of getting rid of anxiety most pets may feel when they are being boarded for the first time. These feelings can permeate your pet for the first few days when pet boarding and are not at all uncommon behaviors. There are many long term benefits to keeping your dogs on a daily exercise regiment. Healthy dogs and healthy functioning of vital organs in your pets increase the likelihood of prolonging their lives drastically. Daily exercise as opposed to house-kept dogs could make the difference of YEARS.

A healthy dog is also a dog that eats healthy. Choosing the right diet for your dog is just as essential as getting your pet on the right exercise routine. The brand of dog food, the nutritional value and additives that make up your choice brand of food, the amounts and time of day you feed your pet, all these are factors that are brought in when choosing what diet suits your pet and their needs the best.

Here at Top Dog Kennel we strive to create an atmosphere that encourages a healthy balance of freedom and play as well as letting our boarders socialize with each other to maximize the time spent with us, before they get to go back home with you!

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