Dog Grooming Tips – A Healthy Winter Coat

The cold from winter weather and the low humidity that follows it can cause your pet’s skin to become uncomfortable, dry, and flaky. The same as what can happen to you. With these five extra steps you can keep your pet healthy during the coming winter. In fact, many of the steps below you can use to help prevent skin problems for yourself as well.

Shampoo Less

While during the summer and spring your pet may require frequent baths, it is best to dial back the number of baths during the winter months.

Shampoos and other soaps get rid of the natural oils on your dog’s skin and can dry it out. This causes flaky, itchy skin. If not taken care of this can lead to dandruff, which can be uncomfortable for your pet.

If your dog must be bathed, try a sensitive skin or oatmeal shampoo.

Regular Grooming

Using a brush on your pet’s coat will help remove any dead skin cells, and help stimulate the natural release of oils. Daily brushing will also prevent any tangle and mats from forming.

For longer haired dogs, it is best to keep their hair trimmed to minimize the accumulation of any salt or deicing chemicals. It is also important to trim between their toes.

Schedule a dog grooming appointment with Nick before the holidays to keep your pet’s coat in its best condition!

Healthy Diet

A concern year-round, a health diet can help promote the release of natural oils on your pet’s skin. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential for healthy skin.

In a previous article we focused more on dietary concerns and how to read pet food labels.

Drink Water

Dogs burn more energy in the winter as they try to stay warm. This makes it very easy for them to become dehydrated. Make sure your pet’s water dish is always full. If they are outside use a plastic dish so that their tongue doesn’t stick to the dish in the freezing temperatures!

Comfortable Environment

dog grooming

Warm and comfy through the winter!

A humidifier will help combat any dry air inside your home to keep you and your healthy all winter. Deodorizers and other scented chemical based products can cause irritation and should be avoided.

If these steps do not help your pet, or if their skin gets worse, contact your veterinarian.

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