Why Should I Choose Top Dog?

Picking out a place to keep your pet for overnight stays can be no easy task. You know whats best for them, you know their behaviors and what makes them click, what scares them and what excites them. Leaving your pet in a foreign place away from their own home can be exhausting both for you and your pet. Luckily, you have options. With so many different places to choose from the team here at Top Dog Kennel wanted to give you some ideas on what makes a kennel GREAT, and what separates us from the rest of the pack.


Every dog is not the same. Some dogs need attention 24/7. Some dogs need to sit on a lap each day to feel whole. Others would be happy if they did not have to see you at all and they could sit in the sun in peace until nightfall. At Top Dog, we strive to give every dog the individual attention it deserves. Nowadays it seems all too common that most pets are expected to run on preset schedules and rituals. We don’t do that here. Every owner is asked a series of questions at check-in that will shape how their pet is handled during their stay at Top Dog Kennel. From play packages to the types of food they eat, your pets stay will be tailored to the experience YOU want it to be. Which leads into the next point..

Our team is small and experienced. The truth is, it is easy for an employee to tell a customer rules and regulations that they follow but that rarely speaks for all staff as a whole. In kennels, it is very rare for all the staff to work at the same time and even rarer to have every employee administer the same level of care for every animal. At Top Dog Kennel, we have two individuals responsible for the daily care and upkeep of the kennel and boarders so we can say with confidence your pet will receive the utmost level of respect and attention during their stay with us. The owner, Nick Frost, is a multi-award winning groomer/breeder with over 30 years of experience in each respective practice. The relations between customers and employees here is close, and we are always looking to make new friends and family!

We have the best rates in the Asheville area, and will price-match any kennel within 25 miles. We like working hard for the hard workers! We love what we do here and would not want it to change for the world. To make sure of that, we offer the lowest rates in the Asheville area so you can go on your vacation without breaking the bank. We may not have TV’s for every space but we have enough going on that your pet WILL sleep soundly each night after a full day of stimulation and fun!

We offer pictures and videos of your pet through text or email. Receive them at the frequency you desire! Just ask at check-in and leave a number! Wherever you will be, it will bring a smile to your face seeing your pup having fun and enjoying life while you are away.

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As stated earlier, there are tons of options to choose from when picking where to board your pet and for that reason we do all we can to put ourselves above and beyond our competitors. We are located on 2.5 acres of wooded land about 7 miles east of downtown Asheville. We offer daily walks and playtime with other dogs as well as a list of other services, all tailored to fit your personal needs. Not going out of town? Still stop on by and get your pet groomed, or just drop them off for the day and take full advantage of our Doggy Daycare service. We hope to hear from you soon!

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