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Your pet deserves a great vacation.  At Top Dog Kennel, we give your loved one lots of attention and tender loving care.  Since 1995 we have offered quality lodging at affordable rates.   We are only minutes away from Asheville; less than two miles off Interstate 40 @ exit 59.  We are truly Your Pet’s Home Away From Home!

  • We operate the largest pet boarding facility within the Greater Asheville area.  Our three and a half acre property is nestled just off Old Highway 70 in beautiful Swannanoa.
  • Personal attention and tender loving care to all shapes, sizes and temperaments!
  • Private indoor and outdoor rooms/runs in which they can go outside or stay inside as he sees fit!  (Weather permitting, of course)
  • Large exercise areas with plenty of trees and green grass.
  • Optional playtime and daily nature walks will ensure that the ritual you and your pet do while at your home shall be followed while staying at Top Dog Kennel.
  • Optional bath and grooming services right before pickup!
  • Quiet, secluded, stress-free cattery haven.

Please ensure your pet is fully vaccinated and up to date before planning his or her vacation.  Proof of Vaccination is required.  You may request from your Veterinarian that records be  emailed to or fax 828-686-3165.

Pet Boarding Rates

Small Dog $17

Up to 25 pounds

Medium Dog $18

Between 26 and 50 pounds

Large Dogs $19

Over 50 pounds

Kitty Cats $12

All Shapes and Sizes

For multiple pets, additional dogs are $12 each and cats are $10 each.

Doggie Daycare

Full Day $15

Half Day (pickup by noon) $8

10 Full Days – Package $130


Exercise Programs

At Top Dog Kennel we strive to mirror you and your best friend’s daily ritual while boarding with us.  For example, if you are on a morning walk/jog with your pooch, we can ensure that it continues while you are away.

We have three simple, yet affordable plans from which to choose:

Nature Walk                                $5

Two (2) fun-filled 15 minute walks around our 3 1/2 acre property exploring the sights, sounds and scents of nature.    This is the perfect choice for those who craves that one-on-one time that he has come to expect.  Your pooch will get both a walk in the morning as well as in the evening.

Individial or Group Playtime         $7

Take part either individually or in groups of  compatible “furry friends” out back in our 1/4 acre green & grassy secure area.  Whether it is only your pooch or a few of his favorite friends, they will be treated to All Day Play.  Each session lasts  10-15 minutes (so not to get overheated – or bored) outside on the playground for fun in the sun!  This activity runs ALL DAY LONG.  For only a few extra dollars per day, your babe will spend most of his time running with the pack!  This is a true anxiety eliminator.

Daily Package                       $9

Your pet is treated to both the Nature Walks and Playtime each day during their stay.

We will happily customize other discounted Daily Exercise Packages to suit your pet’s needs.  Please don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Our rates charged per day.
  • Check-out time is 12:00 noon.
  • We are closed between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm Monday – Saturday.
  • We open at 3:00 pm on Sunday for Check-outs.
  • Pets checking out during afternoon hours are charged for that day.
  • Our office is closed Sunday mornings, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • We happily care for your pets 365 days a year!

Below you will find our Pet Intake Form.  When it comes to you and your pet…we want to know it all!  So, please complete our form below and click submit.  We will be in contact with you to confirm your reservation within 24 hours after receipt of the Intake Form.

Vaccination Record keeping

To ensure the safety of your beloved animal, boarders  as well as our staff, Top Dog Kennel requires that all dogs and cats be current (as per North Carolina Department of Agriculture State Law) on vaccinations listed below.

After completing our Pet Boarding Intake Form, please contact your Veterinarian and request that the following proof of vaccination be either emailed or faxed to us: 828-686-3165.

1. Rabies


3. Bordatella

For your Feline, the FVRCP as well as Feline Leukemia are recommended only. 

Simply email to or Fax on 828.686.3165

Thank you for choosing Top Dog Kennel!   We look forward to serving you soon.


Just 15 Minutes from Downtown Asheville
12 Cavalier Ln.
Swannanoa, NC 28778

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Answering the following questions is step one of our process to match your pet with other similar animals so that we can maximize fun and activities while they stay with us at Top Dog Kennel.

We strive to follow your daily ritual while your pet stays at this “home away from home”. Please be as specific as possible.

We feed premium food for your pooch at no additional charge. Should we provide: DryWetBoth/MixedOwner will provide

**If providing your pet's own food we ask that it is brought in an airtight sealed container.**

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